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Breakthrough Technology

Manufacturer of Quality Springs
Wire Spring

The Best tehnology and the quality of cold - formed springs.

There are two methods when coiling the springs: * cold - forming and hot - forming . Chita is fully equipped with the knowledge and the machinery for the process of cold - forming that covers the range of wire diameters from 0.1mm to 19 mm.

Steel Press

Flat steel products are unique, backed up with cutting - edge engineering.

Chita specializes in manufacturing Flat springs made of extra hard material from the range of the thickness as thin as 0.05mm. We accommodate various processes such as hyper-detailed warping, twisting, and spot - welding. To keep the consistent quality. we believe in exclusivery in - house production from start to end when manufacturing leaf valves, leaf springs, non - return valves, reed valves, and snap rings.

Quality Policy

U.S. Chita is committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering quality products on time. All levels of the organization are dedicated to the process of meeting or exceeding customer's expectations through continuous improvement and compliance to standards.




Kentucky "Lebanon" Plant since 2003

We create, Quality and Excellence
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